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A “human-scale” environment Print E-mail
ecovillaggio_copy.jpgThe planning idea is based upon the construction of Villages that are intended to combine the environmental scenario with the building organism, respecting the  needs of a modern little community.

An Ecovillage is an environmentally-friendly settlement built according with the principles of the “green-architecture” whose goal is to create a healthy reality that can reduce the environmental impact.
Each house of an ecovillage is a living-organism, able to breathe instead of pollute, to last for a long time, to produce wellness and comfort against the evil of the unlimited consumption. The main feature of an ecovillage is the possibility to save and to regenerate natural resources thanks to the installation of alternative energy systems.
A type of construction based upon the use of natural sources and methods such as the sun, the wind, the orientation and the vegetation: all these elements play such an important role in our contemporary society that their processes must be necessarily understood if we want to correctly use their potential energetic power.

edilizia_ecologica_custom.jpgAn ecovillage is characterised by  a proper settlement of highly efficient buildings that absolutely respect the ecological issues and the requirements coming from the environmental pollution caused by the modern economical systems. The ecohouses of these villages can ensure a high quality living-standard thanks to the accuracy with which their details are designed and to the choice of first class ecological building materials.

These ecohouses are sited on unexploited plots of land, free from any natural geopathogens’ influence (e.g. water-bearing stratums, radon gas emissions, radioactivity, electromagnetic fields..) or from artificial polluting elements (e.g. smoke, dust, noise, electromagnetic fields’s emissions or artificial lighting).

The ecovillage gives importance to the settlements’ quality ( it has to be close to the main services such as schools, banks, stores, sport facilities..) and to the first-class fittings  which make it a perfect investment to be value-increased in the future.

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