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A new “building-philosophy
energy_efficiency.jpgWe are experiencing a critical age of our planet’s life based upon material fleeting values and on the belief that we are the owners of an ever-lasting unrationally exploitable environment. This belief is the “natural” consequence of the fast-growing industrial society and its related unquinchable thirst for wealth and honours. This unresponsible capitalistic approch to natural resources has lead to a devastating impact upon the Earth’s ecosystems and biodiversity, as well as to a human dis-connection with the natural world that now requires an urgent change of our perspective upon energy consumption.

Fortunately during the last years something seems to move and the issues of climate changes and of the energy shortages are becoming considerably felt among the most important world organisations and authorities. They are finally understanding the necessity of finding alternative solutions to the intensive exploitation of the natural resources.

But will the Governments’ decision of achieving a “sustainable economy” be sufficient to reduce the negative effects that our actions have caused to the environment?
We believe that the only possible solution to create a healthier place to live is that of collectively re-think  our living-standards, starting from the “artificial shell” which protects our bodies every day: the HOUSE.
inquinamento_custom.jpgBeing the building industry one of the product sectors with the highest environmental impact, it’s easy to understand why a “GREEN-BUILDING” philosophy can be considered a necessary instrument to increase a sustainable development of our economy.

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